Commemorating 72nd Independence Day of Indonesia


How far I did the best for this country as a scholar?
I am writing this short article to deliver my deep thanksgiving for my pride nation and country, Republic of Indonesia. This is only self-reminder and also a part of my English writing practice.
I am just a student who is nearly on the bachelor degree graduation who tries to remind myself the importance of remembrance of independence day means.
It has been 72 years since our founding fathers, Ir. Soekarno and Drs. Mohammad Hatta declare independent from the Netherlands. The red-white flag flying high becomes a witness of Indonesians fighters struggling in a war for the mainland, sacrifice with blood and tears.

So many things have changed significantly in this country, decorated with the ups and downs. This country deserves more than respect from its every single citizen, it is half life fighting for Indonesians.

After 4 years of study in bachelor degree with full funding scholarship from Ministry of Research, Technology and Higher Education, Republic of Indonesia, it is time to reflect this long journey to make useful impact as a payback to my beloved nation’s future.
I owe myself to this country. Sometimes, I feel shame on me. I have studied with government scholarship but nothing I have done to the society. This is my lowest point. For that reason, I have desire to make a difference, connect with people with voluntary working and active in social organizations. May these activities led me to build my personality, making my eyes open widely for the others needs.

Furthermore, I am still learning how deep nationalism and patriotism means in somebody’s personality, but at least I hope I can find all those along the way.

Bandung, August 17th 2017

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